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When I first began my career as an instructional designer, I thought my skillset laid squarely in visual design but the more feedback I received the more I realized that I have strengths in data collection, project management and organization as well.  I enjoy making Gantt charts and breaking down large tasks into manageable (and measurable) chunks.  I love thinking of out of the box ways to collect data to support the ROI on a course and seeing the impact I make on a company through numbers.  I also enjoy cognitive load balanced interactions and designing visuals when building effective research backed eLearning using a refined process from needs analysis to project evaluation.     

My current position is no accident, I love working in highly technical spaces and cybersecurity has become a deep knowledge hole I have fallen into.  Working in security compliance, where we must take highly technical, sometimes scary information and spin it to make organizational change is a great example of my love for challenges! Adhering to Apple Inc. strict branding, I have become well versed in telling a story within a project, campaign, or course I am working on.  I have a passion for assessing performance gaps and making crucial learning recommendations that do not always result in an eLearning course. I geek out about eLearning topics such as; neurodiversity, microlearning, virtual reality, gamification, and accessible learning.


Certificate from completing Tim Slade's eLearning Designer's Masterclass