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My background in digital content creation, learning development and inclusive eLearning has pushed me to pursue a graduate degree in Educational Technology with a certificate in Workforce Instructional Design. While at Boise State University, I have completed courses on instructional design, video editing, program creation and evaluation, storyboarding, Scenario based eLearning, graphic design, adult learning theory and e-learning authoring and development.

In my current position, I have managed many projects juggling different SME interviews, stakeholder requests, all with a high level of organization and ability to chunk larger tasks into smaller deadlines to ensure completion and adherence to project timelines. I am a quick learner and able to create templates, and streamline multiple project deliverables efficiently. I am skilled in writing lengthy reports often under high-pressure deadlines with a focus on detail and correctness.

Using data to drive my instruction I am efficient at managing large projects and making crucial learning recommendations that do not always result in an eLearning course. I am flexible and patient, with the ability to anticipate other’s needs, adapt to meet those needs, and communicate effectively in both verbal and written form.


Certificate from completing Tim Slade's eLearning Designer's Masterclass