About Me

Training Values

Based in adult learning theory, I believe in creating dynamic, inclusive and accessible training for all learners.


Working with SMEs, stakeholders and fellow ID teammates is essential for effective scaling of training materials.

Data Driven

Setting effective training goals based on a robust needs assessment and identified data points before beginning the project. 


Building training content that is accessible to all, with demonstrated strengths in trauma informed and culturally responsive teaching.

Elsbeth Seymour
Technical Instructional Designer II
Creative 80%
Content 92%
Instructional Design Processes 90%
Technology 92%

My design proficiency has empowered me to develop visually compelling and highly interactive eLearning environments. 

My strong knowledge of instructional development methodologies has allowed me to deliver high-quality eLearning solutions across various formats, including podcasts, live streams, courses, webpages, images, and blogs. I constantly strive to leverage these methodologies and theories to create impactful learning experiences that resonate with diverse audiences.

As an individual with autism, I bring exceptional strengths in process development and organization to the table. I possess a keen attention to detail and a natural inclination to identify and improve processes and capabilities.