Products & Services, A Tabbed Notebook eLearning Course

About This Course:

Taking a very dry subject and turning it into a fun and interactive eLearning example is what I enjoy most! My favorite part of this project was that it pushed me to learn more about states, layers, and conditional navigation.  Additionally, it took a lot of reworking with SMEs to identify the most crucial pieces to highlight, with many iterations within the storyboard to cut down on the “fluff”.   

When I was first handed this project I immediately thought of a notebook of information and wanted to portray that when building this course. Using tabs and the wooden background I felt not only made it eye-pleasing but easier to navigate.  As a course that will hopefully be taken over and over by current employees hoping to brush up on skills, I wanted the learner to be able to find the section they need quickly and easily. 

Project Details

Tools Used


Type: eLearning Project

Learner: Current Employees

Date: July 2021

  • Articulate Storyline 360
  • PowerPoint for Graphic Editing
  • Chunking Material
  • Interactivity:
    Click & Reveal
    Drag & Drop Self-Checking
    Layers & States
    Hotspot Images

Screenshots of the Course