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The Outsiders Board Game

Using the StudySync novel materials, I created a board game for students to go through the novel unit. Learners are able to click the icons on the board game which are linked to pages in the Hyperdoc, students can return to the main board game from any page. This Hyperdoc has a ton of interactivity, outside resources and pushes the learner’s tech skills (copy, paste, screenshots, etc).  Tons of choice built-in, fun activities, and scaffolding provided.

Audience: 7th-grade Mild/Moderate Resource English Class

Tools Used: PowerPoint, Minecraft, Paint3D, Flipgrid, Newsela, Teams, Powtoon, StudySync

Cold Case Files: Solving the Mystery of the Salem Witch Trials

In this HyperDoc I used excerpts from a traditional written project and put them into PowerPoint. I also added my own voice reading the text in anticipation for many of my Learners who struggle in reading.  Using chunking, each slide provides a way for the Learners to process what they have read and answer the prompt. On the final slide, there is a place to brainstorm and finally fill in a sentence frame with their answers.  

Audience: 11th Grade Mild/Moderate Resource English Class (50% English Language Learners.)

Tools Used: PowerPoint & Microphone

Interactive Essay Outline

Using color coding and definitions, learners are able to follow along and input their ideas into each section of the box. They can then copy and paste this into a Word Document cutting down the cognitive load.  Additionally, this can be personalized for students reducing the number of paragraphs or adding in sentence frames. 

Audience: 7th grade Mild/Moderate Resource English Class

Tools Used: PowerPoint