Getting Started with Pantheon

About This Course:

This course was originally going to be a simple rework with updated information.  However, after reviewing feedback from customers on their onboarding experience and data from page views in our documentation it was obvious Getting Started needed to be completely revamped. 

Working with several stakeholders and a wonderful SME I created an organic onboarding experience, rooted in the power of our platform while demonstrating how to easily spin up a WordPress site.  The course also took into account previous feedback from sales engineers on common customer onboarding pain points including adding WP plugins, pushing from Dev to Test to Live, and understanding Pantheon’s workflow.

Course Detail

Client: Pantheon

Type: eLearning Project

Learner: New Customers

Date: May 2023

Tools Used
  • Articulate Storyline 360
  • Canva
  • Camtasia
  • Audiate
  • Envato Elements
Adult Learning Theories
  • Chunking Material
  • Learner Choice & Agency
  • Name Personalization
  • Course Guide
  • Interactivity

Video 1

Video 2