The Suspense of it All!

So much suspense for our final projects! I don’t normally visit other students’ blogs very often (I need to, I just run out of time) but I plan to this week! Wowza, the last two months have been a whirlwind and I cannot believe we are so close to the end.  However I won’t lie, I thought we ended Week 8!  SO glad we get another couple of weeks to work on our projects and learn even more.

This past month I was offered a position in Instructional Design for a local community credit union, they are a powerhouse in this area and I was so honored to have been chosen as the final candidate.  With that being said I have been thrown in feet first (which IS the pace I am used to working as a teacher for 8 years!) I was immediately given three projects to work on. One of these will be the project I will be submitting for my final project. I feel like it demonstrates my growth in Articulate (when I started this job and this semester I had none!) I have quickly picked up different techniques and while I don’t always remember how to layer or change states, a quick google jogs my memory.  Using the Articulate community has been crucial, YouTube is a close second and I love thinking of creative ideas and finding a way to make them work.  Some slides have been challenging, I did give up a bingo game that will NOT be forgotten and I WILL figure it out even if it’s not in this project…

Most of all, I am excited to get feedback from Dr. Salik, he has always given such great advice (even when it stings) and as I moved into the corporate world I try to remember and heed that advice (especially logo and branding!).