Every day I commute to work in Southern Oregon, coming from California the commute is a dream, about 40 minutes distance with an easy freeway with very little traffic.  However, as I bring my son into town to go to school I cannot listen to my normal true crime podcasts and had to start looking outside of that realm for a daily driving experience. The obvious choice was instructional design podcasts and I quickly came across The Learning Coach podcast, with Connie Malamed.  Connie does a great job of breaking down content, getting subject matter experts on the show, and making everyone feel welcome to the table.  I recently came across her episode on “Why You Need Scenario-based eLearning” which brought Dr. Clark onto the podcast to discuss a range of topics that are important to Dr. Clark and Connie. One of the strengths of the podcast is that she has created some great questions and topics but fits them into 20 minutes.  I really enjoyed finding out WHERE Dr. Clark had started the framework for Scenario-Based eLearning and how she defines everything.  While Dr. Clark’s book is really thorough and appeared scientifically backed Dr. Clark really goes into the evidence-based background that SBeL is based in.  This is a great resource to listen to for just this episode but also a great podcast to bookmark and listen to often!

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