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Week 6 Reflection on Learning

Starting my new job has been wonderful but changing my working hours and environment has been so hard.  While I don’t have to lock myself in a dark room when I get home, I AM tired especially with our (have to drop my son off at the YMCA) daily commute.  That being said I glanced at our Week 6 discussion board and promptly closed it!  I have worked A LOT on my procrastination but it still creeps up from time to time.  My mind tells me it will take hours, my body tells me it can’t do it and I finally “leave” it for future Els.  

When I finally started to work on it, I felt so ridiculous.  I read the other students’ posts, it was a lot more simple than my brain told me and I started to analyze.  It didn’t take long and I was able to make a lot of connections with teaching, reverse engineering is much like backwards design in education!  

Using Piktochart I was able to create this great visual.

While I had analyzed the same eLearning project the week before, I now had a different lens and I was able to spot things I had previously missed about it (good and bad.). With Professor Debrow’s weekly feedback, I took Mike’s lead, created a slide flow using LucidChart, and loved it.  I immediately regretted that I had put it off and hadn’t turned it in on time. I could do it and I could do it well.  

While this post is a bit of my thoughts, I hope it reminds someone else, don’t put it off….just do the thing.  If it’s leaving teaching, finishing a project, asking for a raise, or just doing your homework! You got this. 

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